How to write a speech.

How I write a speech.

Firstly anyone who speaks and wants to write their own speech needs to realise there are many ways to do it and only one way that will work for you.

I am happy to tell anyone how I write my speeches and then prepare for my assessment speeches, but instead of mixing it all up in text I thought a bullet point list would be easier.

  1. Think of a subject (if you struggle stick to what you know.)
  2. Work out a title.
  3. Just start writing (get your laptop out and start with the words ‘One Day’)
  4. Stop typing when you get to 1,000 words (You’ll have great content in it, I promise)
  5. Go back over it, delete, amend and refine.


Your speech is complete – Next is the Practice. This stage start 2-3 days before your talk is due.

  1. Get your phone out and find the voice recorder and have a pencil close by.
  2. Read through your speech word for word.
  3. Mark the paper with the pencil where it does not read right.
  4. Modify the speech
  5. Record it again
  6. See how long you talk is (it will be listed next to the voice file)
  7. Listen to and continue practicing your speech.
  8. Put it away and relax

On the day of your speech Early morning, get your speech out and read it through over a cup of tea (this is how I do it). Amend, modify bits, but it is too late to make major changes.

Throughout the day keep your speech on you and refer to it when you get the chance or listen to it on your phone (keep a set of headphones with you).

Attend your meeting, group or club and deliver a first class, well rehearsed speech and gain praise and recognition for doing a great job.

If you follow these rules and find they do not work for you – do not worry, there are always other ways and our club has excellent speakers, all prepare differently, so ask around and you will find the right guidance that works for you.


Carl Rosier-Jones

I am a stress coach and stress consultant. I created and wrote The Caveman Principles, designed to help everyone with daily stress Mammoths.

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