Swindon Speakers Club follows The Association of Speakers Clubs (The ASC) official training manual. It has been designed and written to take a novice speaker through 10 individual assessments, building confidence and skills . Following it, will develop them into great speakers.

The Speakers Guide is personal issue, a log book of assessments. It explains what each assessment covers and what an evaluator will look for. It is a portfolio showing positive praise and (where needed) constructive feedback so that members can improve their abilities. When members join, they can purchase a manual (currently £10) and can work through each assessment at their own pace.

The manual can give advice about how to improve each speaking skill, from the earliest stage A1 “Icebreaker”, through to an advanced performance called the “Show piece” our A10 standard.

The first few sections give general advice on how to prepare and deliver a great speech, then each stage gets progressively more challenging, pushing and honing our members skills.

There are ten assignments each one is designed to improve a particular aspect of speaking.

Once a member has achieved the respectable A10 level, it becomes a recognised qualification and can form part of a Resume.

For those who feel they want more, there are extra challenges with an advanced levels section. These assessments allow members to take their speaking to a whole new level and Swindon Speakers will help, guide and support you to achieve each and every one of them.

Evaluations and assessing.

Our evaluators are fellow members who are already at more advanced stages of their training. Advice is given in a peer-to-peer evaluation, assessments of speeches being assessed or practiced is with constructive feedback for the whole talk given. This provides helpful advice, making our members better speakers.

Plus if people want experience of chairing meetings, volunteering to run an evening meeting is a great confidence boost. Opportunities to become a ‘chair’ where members lead sections of our meetings, such as the topics chair or to run a training session, or for the those who are willing, they can run the entire evening meeting. These are all great experiences and provide ample training opportunities.

For those who want even more from our club then why not volunteer and become a committee member. Helping guide and shape our club into something to be proud of, as a committee member is an additional responsibility.


Certificates of Achievement

  • Members are encouraged to work through the first ten assignments at whatever pace they are most comfortable doing. To complete the prized A10 assessment the Club Education Director and an outside A10 qualified speaker is invited to complete the assessment.
  • After successfully completing the first five assignments (A5), an interim Certificate is awarded from our National awarding body “The ASC”.
  • A full Certificate of Achievement is awarded once all ten assessments (A10) have been completed.
  • Further certificates are given for the more specific/advanced speakers skills.
  • The Certificates can be recognised for CPD purposes (continual professional development training).

Recorded Training

  • Swindon Speakers offers you more than any other Speaking club.
  • We offer positive and constructive feedback on your performance.
  • If you wish to see your own progress, we can film and record your speech (we need a little advanced notice).
  • We like to show off our club and our members and have a dedicated Youtube channel where we post our videos.
  • Videos are posted on our website as well, so speakers can share them with friends and family.
  • Our advanced modules will encourage you to speak to outside organisations and we can help you with our new speaker bureau.
  • Providing you progress beyond your A5 assessment you will be able to sign up to our ‘Swindon Speaker Bureau’ (we will create your own page), where we can help speakers get invites to speak at events, businesses or even at expo’s.

All this training is supported through our club, for a one off yearly membership fee, with no additional individual meeting fees. We really are great value for money.