District Meeting in Bristol – 8th April 2018

The rescheduled District Meeting was held at the Aztec Hotel near Bristol.

In addition to meeting up with our friends and colleagues from other clubs in the District we were joined by Paul Taylor the ASC National Secretary.

The day started with the AGM which included Area Presidents (Stephen D and John Mc) giving their reports.

A workshop on Speech Construction was given by NEC guest Paul Taylor and the District Speech & Evaluation competitions were held.

Photo shows Sheila being presented with the District Evaluation trophy by ASC National Secretary Paul Taylor.
Photo shows Sheila being presented with the District Evaluation trophy by ASC National Secretary Paul Taylor.


Brian put up a good show in the Speech competition which was won by Nerys from Cardiff with Sheila J from Melksham coming second.

Sheila went on to win the Evaluation Competition with  Wendy from Swindon coming second. A successful day for our Area. Well done to all.

The helpers

Thanks to Wendy who was one of the Speech Contest judges, to John M who did the Target speech, Brian for managing the light/timings and to  Dorothy for handling the raffle and buffet finances.

Our meeting / AGM / Competition

Sunday 19th March 2017 – AGM and Competitions.

11:15 am. Let’s start off that AGM’s are boring – they may be important, but they are boring. So if you will allow me to brush over the initial part of today, there were lots of people discussing important things and electing new people to positions that ensure the smooth running of our clubs. Excellent – perhaps that is why I turned up 45 minutes into the session?

Anyhow the reason for this blog is to try something new, we are going to try a live blog as the day’s competitions progress – We have a Speech competition this morning and an Evaluators competition this afternoon, which I am a competitor. (I may already know who has won in my head…)

So lets wait and see what the first competition brings.

11:20 am. Competition has started – we have 6 speeches all being assessed and a winner will be announced. We are going through official bits – times, people in charge the necessities for competitions, I won’t bore you all but we are going through how the points are scored, presentation, contents and impressions are being discussed. So lets wait for the first Competitor.

11:23 am. Brian Barber “The exploding Grandma.” Funny, entertaining and memorable, for probably all the wrong reasons? Possibly the best ending for a ‘lovely’ lady..? And nothing to the family. On time and great delivery.

11:31 am. Dave Holden “Is change good?” Informative, different perspective and engaging. He just shot the district President with a paper aeroplane (might be some points deducted.. or added?) Good conclusion and finished on a high.

11:39 am. Wendy Wright “Just do it.” Just do something! Should be an advert for a sport clothing company maybe….? Let’s forget the singing element, good content and some great advice on getting fit-‘ter’. Motivational and some great word pictures coming through.

11:47 am. Steven Dance “Something to look forward to.” Strong voice, great gestures and something we are all going to have face – Old age! Good delivery and appropriate use of humour. Old people dancing Salsa.. No wonder hip replacements are so common? Great message delivered.

11:56 am. Welham Jones “Why that song is stuck in my head” – Ooops – nose bleed skipping to the next speaker, the excitement may have been too much?

11:57 am. John Crawford “There is always tomorrow.” Lamborghini owner? Stock markets going wrong? John explains why we are going to get (not so) rich… Good education on how not to get rich, animals on Wall Street? Bear market.. Deer or dear? Worried about my downside exposure now – but Donald Trump Ent sounds like a sure future. Funny, entertaining and great story teller.

12:05 pm. Welham is back…Starting his talk about chewing gum, how much he loathes it, with good audience interaction. Going well, waiting for the big reveal… The song about chewing gum! Great solution get the chewing gum companies to pay for clean up, or just ban it? Good thought provoking talk – opening debate.

That is the end of the Competition, we are probably going to break for dinner whilst the judges finish their marking… Back at 1pm…

1.33 pm. Lunch took longer than we thought we are now back – we have the evaluators competition next – and I am up first. So it might be quiet for a while. Awaiting the target speech and then some serious scribbling.

1.36 pm. Lindsey Dutch giving the rules and expectations… Another boring part, timings, scoring.. etc. No.. no.. got that wrong, he is giving a quick run down of why speaking and how it all works he has promised it is a 30 minute input. Good fun, interaction and knowledge share. Breaking down the speakers guide – running through the assessment speeches from A1 to A10, explaining what we need to look for and how they should be delivered.

2.06 pm. We have passed the 30 mins and are just getting to A4..

2:18 pm. We have just got to the A5.. only a few more to go..? Well half way…

2:36 pm. An hour in to a 30 minute input and we are at A7.

2.45 pm. All done. we finished on A8 and it was a good input. Chance for a quick break, now competition time! Nigel Speedy is up and chairing the competition. Now the rules and the order in speaking… Me first.

2:50 pm. Claire Thompson gave her target speech “Apprenticeships” between 6-8 mins needing assessment on key area of the assessment guide. He speech was actually very good, all about her experiences of ‘to uni, or not to uni…’ Speech finished now taken off for the assessment phase. We have 8 minutes to write our reviews and then go back and deliver them.

———-No laptops and no cheating ——————

Sorry this is where it gets a bit flimsy – I know I gave my review, followed by John, then Wendy, then 3 others not from our club… All very good feedback, delivering good and bad points.

Straight after the competition, sorry I could not get my laptop to finish this all off, but the results were read off…

Steve Dance won the speeches competition and our own club president Wendy won the evaluators competition.

The meeting closed quite quick and we were all out the room just after 4pm. What a day, I am shattered!

Well done to John Crawford for organising an excellent event and the rest of the team for supporting and stepping in, not forgetting Dorothy for organising all the raffles and doing an impromptu topics session.