Cut those quirks with a video shoot

Been asked to give a speech at an important occasion? If so, there’s a good chance that it will be recorded for posterity and your unwanted mannerisms will be lurking there ready to embarrass you whenever someone digs out the video.

So, why not rehearse it on video first, or join a speakers club where you’ll also receive constructive feedback and useful advice on how to improve your speaking skills. When a speech is recorded you can watch it from an audience’s perspective and maybe spot some quirks which the audience may not consider worth mentioning but which you would like to try to avoid.


So, if you’re happy to wave your arms about, to stare wide-eyed at the audience, sway from side-to-side or scratch your nose incessantly – that’s fine. But these things can be avoided by practicing in front of a small audience or a video camera and speakers clubs can be the ideal place to do that.

Then when the day dawns for you to stand up and demonstrate your speaking prowess at your important event you’ll be confident in the knowledge that you’re making your best effort and any resulting rapturous applause will be well earned. Raise your glass!



Citations on “The camera cannot lie”:

The earliest citation of the precise ‘camera cannot lie’ phrase is from The Evening News, Lincoln, Nebraska, November 1895, complete with an intimation of the early doubts about the literal truth of the phrase: “Photographers, especially amateur photographers, will tell you that the camera cannot lie. This only proves that photographers, especially amateur photographers, can, for the dry plate can fib as badly as the canvas on occasion.”

In his book In the South Seas, published in 1896, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: “I doubt if these islanders are acquainted with any other mode of representation but photography; so that the picture of an event (on the old melodrama principle that ‘the camera cannot lie, Joseph,’) would appear strong proof of its occurrence.”


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