New Year – New you?

As we approach the New Year there is certainly an air of new you, as on the 5th Dec Carl passed his A10 and Sarah-Jane her A5 and will receive their certificates very soon.

We have learned about the man who changed the world  thanks to Brian doing a prescriptive speech. Here is one example


This type of speech is also new to the group. It can be done by members at any level and is evaluated by the group by a show of hands as to whether they have met the purpose of the speech. It can be to inform, persuade,entertain or pay tribute.


members at the dinner tableOur social event  which like last year had a wonderful raffle, raised £76. The money went to  the local stroke association which meet at the Lawn community Centre. raffle prizes at the Swindon speakers club social dinner

We also had speeches and jokes by the members. The aim was to  entertain us as well as share with family and friends a flavour of what we do on Thursday nights.


So if your New Year resolution is to improve your confidence, when it comes to public speaking, look no further. We will support you and help you be the speaker you want to be. It might not be a new you but it will be a good start. You can attend twice, free of charge, to give you the opportunity to see if you like the group and may be even challenge yourself by taking part int a topic session.

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