Competi-fun time

February and March

Time for challenges in the form of evaluation competitions and the speech competition, as well as members taking on speeches for the first time.

Also some of the other roles in the club such as: lights, topics and chairing.  All of  these are required to keep everything running smoothly. As usual details of each meeting can be found in the meeting notes.

Sue receives Evaluator's trophy
Sue wins Evaluation competition.

Sue won the Evaluator’s competition.

Other videos have also been made public from the open mic session and other speeches. These are of great help for self evaluation and learning and can be found on our youtube channel.


A social event which had been planned in January, but which was  postponed because most members were unable to attend, finally happened on the 23rd March.

It was great to eat together, play games ( as you can see from the pictures) and get to discover things about each other that would not come to light at the usual meetings.

Including how competitive one member was!

It was all good fun. A big thank you to Dorothy for organising and raising £31 for the stroke association.

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