News from the District Meeting in Newport

Eight club members travelled to Wales on Sunday morning for the ASC South West District Meeting held at Newport’s Coldra Court Hotel. newport-group-photo-copy

Photo: Swindon members with Sheila (Melksham) and Laura (Somerset)

It was a pleasant opportunity to meet up with members from the Welsh clubs and other clubs in the South West area. District President Phil McCaffrey chaired the meeting which began with the business section in which Stephen Dance (Newport) delivered the Southern Wales Area Report and JohnM (Swindon SC) delivered the Cotswold & Wessex Area Report.

There followed the annual Topics Competition with some lively contributions from Swindon members WendyW and JohnR followed by a delicious lunch in the restaurant.  The afternoon commenced with an evaluation workshop chaired by Past President Lindsay Dutch with a target speech given by Rosalie Harrop from York SC. The Novel Competition was then held which included two riveting stories from  Steph (Swindon SC) and Tony (Swindon SC). This was followed by the raffle which was admirably run by Dorothy (Swindon SC).

Thanks to Ben (Swindon SC) for taking on the job of Competition Usher and to the District Secretary JohnC (Swindon SC) for handling the mounds of administrative tasks involved in making the event run smoothly.

Winner of 2016 Club Speech Competition

The winner of this year’s Club Speech Competition was JohnC who will go forward to the Area/District competitions next March. Well done also to Brian, Wendy and Steph for their excellent contributions in a close-run contest.


Photo: Club President Wendy presenting JohnC with the award.

News from The Presidents Dinner in Preston on Saturday 29th October 2016

I made the 3 hr drive to Salmesbury near Preston on Saturday arriving at 1.30, just in time for the first seminar –  Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship which was pretty inspiring as it was delivered by Bernie Morgan of Thanet Speakers.   Bernie has taken on many roles in leadership from parish council to developing a financial institution and bringing in big money deals under serious stress and pressure.  She now exercises her entrepreneurial skills in her chocolate cafe in Margate.

After a short break Nigel Thorne of Cardiff Speakers introduced us to the New National website for Speakers Clubs.  He has been working on this for many months and I must admit it looks a lot better than the previous website.  I encourage you all to visit the site: (the old site at is soon to be decommissioned).

In the evening we had a formal dinner and many quality after dinner speeches.

It was great to to network with all the interesting people within the organisation.  Salmesbury is a lovely part of the country and well worth the trip.

I am pleased to announce that our National President Neil Harvey has re-arranged his busy schedule so that he will be able to attend our Charter Dinner in March next year.

Wendy Wright

President Swindon Speakers Club

Winner of 2016 Club Topics Competition

The winner of this year’s Club Topics Competition was Brian who will go forward to the Area/District competitions next month. Wendy was a close second with Sue as runner up in a contest of nine participants, all extremely well presented. topicscomp-winner-2016

Photo: Club President Wendy presenting Brian with the award.

Topics Competion on Thursday …yay

Topics are a great way of getting used to standing up and saying something in front of an audience for just a couple of minutes.  Some of us are quite good at this, some of us like myself are still struggling with the experience but I choose to believe that is what its all about.  The competition part is irrelevant to me, it just adds a bit extra to the excitement.

What I’m trying to say is – come along and give it a go – there is a certain excitement to feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The other part to it is that listening to every one else is entertaining and a learning experience – that worked well or he could have said that (so easy to think when you are in the audience).

See you Thursday