Speaker Bureau

Swindon Speaker Bureau

The only speaker bureau made up of experienced and qualified people.

Booking a Speaker?

If you been asked to book someone, possibly a great Speaker to attend your next event, meeting or seminar, we know it can become frustrating. Who do you choose, are they any good and how do I find them let alone how to contact them? Are they just speakers or after dinner, motivational, funny, engaging, MC… the list can go on.

Swindon Speakers Club have been training and producing great speakers for all types of scenarios, for many years but we have never known what to do with them all – until now. The expanse of knowledge and differing skill sets that each of our speakers possess, is going to waste if we kept them all to ourselves.

In the past we have been contacted by organisations and groups asking if we have any volunteers to attend groups, meetings, dinners, award ceremonies and events but we have never really advertised this. It seemed only logical to have our own Swindon Speaker bureau where we can support our members.

Swindon Speakers has a great reputation for training and building confidence in our speakers and we want you to see them at their very best. These Speakers are all from our Swindon group. They have already been put through their paces within the club obtaining ‘ASC’ qualifications and we are confident they will deliver great content and talks for you and your teams.

Please scroll down and take a look at our growing list. The topics they like to cover and the skills they possess are listed on their very own page. If you’d like more detail or want to contact them, click on their name and read their full bio and see their photo.