Swindon Speakers Club

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Part of The Association of Speakers Clubs (The ASC)

Swindon Speakers are a local and friendly group, who meet on the first and third Thursday of every month.  We start at 7.30pm and finish at 10.00pm. We meet at The beautiful Blunsdon House Hotel, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN26 7AS.

If you have ever wanted to acquire a new skill or need to gain confidence in speaking to a group, with support and guidance, then Swindon Speakers Club is the place you need to be.

We welcome new members from total novices through to those wanting to practice and brush up their public speaking skills, all in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Free Training program.

We are not like any other Speakers club, we are more forward thinking. We offer the very best advice, support and guidance on how to write and then present your speech. We now also offer recordings of your presentations for self assessment, you will be able to showcase your work on our video page and we are the Swindon Speakers Bureau, supporting and promoting our members to outside groups and businesses.

We provide a free training program and once you become a member, you are encouraged to complete our structured and accredited assessments.

Our training will help you with:

  • Business meetings or presentations

  • Any social event

  • Job interviews

  • Any other speaking event

Our History

Swindon Speakers Club was established in 1982 and currently has around 25 full members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Come along and try out our group. After attending two free meetings, you will be asked if you would like to join us, by then you will have made up your mind.

We are part of the Nationally recognised Association of Speakers Clubs, an organisation with over 100 clubs up and down the country, all these clubs have one common goal, to help people develop and improve their speaking skills.

2019-2020 Calendar – Meeting dates

2019    Event

5th Sept       Speeches and Topics

19th Sept     Speeches and Topics

3rd Oct        Training Workshop and Topics

17th Oct      Speeches and Topics

7th Nov       Speeches and Topic Competition

21st Nov      Speeches and Topics

30th Nov      Social Event 

5th Dec        Speeches and Topics

19th Dec      Speeches and President’s Revels

2020    Event

2nd Jan         Speeches and Topic

16th Jan       Open Mic Session

30th Jan        Social evening

6th Feb         Training Workshop

20th Feb       Speech Evaluation Competition

5th Mar        Speech Competition and Topics

19th Mar      Speeches and Topics

2nd Apr        Speeches and Topics

16th Apr       Battle of wits

30th Apr       Social evening

7th May       Speeches and Topics

21st May      Speeches and Topics

4th Jun         AGM followed by Speeches and Topics

18th Jun       Novel Competition and President’s Revels

If you would like to attend any of our meetings, all we ask you to do is to drop a message to our club secretary, from our Contacts Page so we can welcome you on the night.


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