The end is nigh!

Did COVID 19 mean the end of our meetings?

As COVID 19 struck it may have felt to many the end was nigh. With meeting s everywhere being cancelled, how could the Swindon Speaker’s Club continues?🎤

picture of 15 faces on a zoom call

Well we did, we held our penultimate meeting last night on Zoom. We are a resourceful group and started using Zoom in April to enable members to continue learning and improving their skills.

Oh and let’s not forget socialising. We held a social evening on Zoom and had an enjoyable and educational quiz night. 🎤

An AGM to end the year

On the 4th June, we had a very busy evening  as the Swindon Speakers Club had its AGM (Annual General Meeting) which is necessary in order to keep the meetings running smoothly.

We were able to hear reports from our president, treasurer, education, publicity and web officers.  Looking back on an interesting year that – as life itself – was full of both good and difficult times. We have had 14 assessment speeches with at least 3 members reaching level 5, which awards them a certificate and the possibility of getting onto our Speaker Bureau.

We also listened to 12 prescription speeches and ran four competitions so far. Some of these you can see on our Youtube channel which is now divided into different section to make it easier to find the different area of public speaking we explore.

So, far from the end being nigh, we have risen to the challenge.  We learned new skills in the realms of public speaking. That is how to handle the technology and keep a virtual audience engaged.

Onwards and upwards

We have one more meeting in this current season, on 18 June, when we’ll be taking part in Novels competition. With an incredible number of participants, so it is going to be unforgettable evening.

We always welcome guests no matter whether it’s our first meeting of the year or our last club meeting. So if you wish to join us, let us know. We will be delighted to see you online or in person. 🎤