Challenging new season

September marked the start of the new season for the Swindon Speakers club. Members are ready to challenge themselves and grow in the process.

Not only do we have a new season, (and I am not talking about Autumn) we have some new committee members too, duly elected at the June Annual General Meeting.

New committee members
New committee members


The speakers club not only helps you improve your speaking skill it offers you challenges in lots of areas.

The start of the year brought a new experience for one of the members who chaired the topics session for the first time since joining a year ago. She revealed how this was much more challenging for her than the speeches.

You can see what a topics sessions can be like on our youtube channel


In a training session, we also learned about the challenges of evaluating a speech. The whole point is to help members improve, but the danger in honest feedback, is that it may crush the person. A fine balance of praise and learning points is required to help all our members grow.

Even if you are a seasoned speaker you may still find enough in the group to stretch and challenge you in different ways.