ASC National Conference – Hilton Hotel, Gatwick Airport

This year’s ASC National Conference was held in the Hilton Hotel at Gatwick Airport and provided a great opportunity to meet and mingle with speakers from other clubs who came from across the UK.

Our area (South West England) was represented by Wendy Wright, John Crawford and myself from Swindon SC and Amanda Rose from Dorset SC. We were especially proud of Wendy who was appointed Chief Judge in the Final of the National Speech Competition and gave an eloquent summary of this year’s top speeches before announcing the winners to a packed conference hall.

Our District (South West England & Southern Wales) had even more to celebrate when  Stephen Dance from Cardiff SC  came second in both the Speech Competition and the Topics Competition… a tremendous achievement.

The excitement continued when Wendy competed in the Final of the National Evaluation Competition, competing against no less than 3 members of the National Executive Committee, including the eventual winner. Wendy put on a great show and came away with a certificate and prize and much applause.

The weekend also included the AGM, several useful seminars and an opportunity to dress up in dinner jackets and elegant dresses for Saturday night’s Gala Dinner where we heard some amusing after-dinner speeches and were entertained by a stand-up comedian before stepping onto the dance floor for the disco.

John McGhee