Less sugary

Topics training workshop

‘Topics’ sessions provide an opportunity to practice impromptu speaking.
They help develop and improve the ability to stand up and speak spontaneously in public without any previous preparation and to build one’s confidence when facing an audience or group of people.
These impromptu speaking skills can be learned and practiced during our meetings in a friendly, supportive environment.

Less sugary
  1. a matter dealt with in a text, discourse, or conversation; a subject.
    “her favourite topic of conversation is her partner”
    synonyms: subject, subject matter, theme, issue, matter, point, talking point, question, concern,argument, discussion, thesis, text, concept, field, area, keynote, leitmotif

    “he brought the conversation round to the topic of food and drink”
      that part of a sentence about which something is said, typically the first major constituent.

Our next meeting (Oct 6th) includes a ‘Topics’ training workshop followed by an opportunity for members of the (small) audience to stand up and try it if they wish to do so. Or to watch and encourage whilst others have a go in a cheerful, light-hearted atmosphere.